Dark Side of the Abbey

The Dark Side is approaching


Four Amazing Options at one Location!


An all new escape experience at the Dark Side Compound.  Welcome to Fremont County, a location where being locked up is a fate of many.  Feel the pressure begin to grow as you are locked in a cell with your teammates, with no visible way of escaping.  You shouldnt let that deter you though because a plan has been hatched and now its time to make it a reality.  Bust your way out and find your way to freedom.

The Train Car

Things are going of the rails quickly in this escape challenge.  The train car barrels down the track with doom as its final destination if your team cant undo the insidious damage that has been done.  Will your team rise to the challenge of keeping the train car from derailing and defeating the mastermind that is trying to stop this train from reaching safety?

The Train Car is designed for 4-5 players   



Find yourself a prisoner on Black Bart’s pirate ship as you sail the seas in search of the ultimate treasure… your freedom.  Locating the gold, and retracing your steps wont be that easy though, for Captain Black Bart has riddled the ship with secrets of deception.  Find the map and free yourself in time and you will be rich beyond your dreams, fail and its a life swabbing the deck.

Piracy is designed for 4-6 players


The Dr’s Office

Things aren’t always what they seam and Dr.’s visits aren’t always routine.  You learn of this dark sided Dr after a brief visit with the nurse.  The only way to stop him and escape to freedom is to learn his secrets.  You only have a short period of time before he comes into the exam room.  Will you be quick enough to end his terror before you become the next victim?

The Dr.’s Office is designed for 4-6 players